XmlToHtmlOptions Class
Allows to specify custom options for loading XML (eXtensible Markup Language) documents and converting them to the HTML
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Namespace: GroupDocs.Editor.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Editor (in GroupDocs.Editor.dll) Version: 19.5
public sealed class XmlToHtmlOptions : IDocumentLoadOptions

The XmlToHtmlOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodXmlToHtmlOptions
Initializes a new instance of the XmlToHtmlOptions class
Public propertyAttributeValuesQuoteType
Allows to specify quote type (single or double quotes) for attribute values. Double quotes are default.
Public propertyEncoding
Character encoding of the text document, which will be applied for its opening. By default is null - internal document encoding will be applied.
Public propertyFixIncorrectStructure
Allows to enable or disable mechanism for fixing corrupted XML structure. By default is disabled (false).
Public propertyHighlightOptions
Allows to adjust the highlighting, that will be applied to the XML structure, when it is represented in HTML. By default is NULL — default highlighting is applied.
Public propertyRecognizeEmails
Allows to enable recognition algorithm for email addresses in attribute values
Public propertyRecognizeUris
Allows to enable URI recognition algorithm
Public propertyTrimTrailingWhitespaces
Allows to enable the truncation of trailing whitespaces in the inner-tag text. By default is disabled (false) - trailing whitespaces will be preserved.
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