GroupDocs.Metadata.Formats.Image Namespace
The GroupDocs.Metadata.Formats.Image namespace provides functionality allowing users to read and update metadata stored in different image formats.
Public classCode exampleBmpFormat
Represents a BMP image.
Public classCode exampleBmpHeader
Represents BMP header info.
Public classCanonCameraSettings
Represents Canon camera settings.
Public classCanonMakerNotes
Represents Canon maker-notes.
Public classCode exampleDICOMFormat
Represents a DICOM image.
Public classCode exampleDicomMetadata
Represents native DICOM metadata.
Public classDjvuFormat
Represents a DjVu image.
Public classEmfFormat
Represents an EMF image.
Public classExifDictionaryBase
Provides an abstract base class for EXIF metadata dictionaries.
Public classCode exampleExifIfdInfo
Represents the Exif Image File Directory. Exif IFD is a set of tags for recording Exif-specific attribute information.
Public classCode exampleExifInfo
Represents an EXIF metadata package (Exchangeable Image File Format).
Public classExifMetadata Obsolete.
Represents EXIF metadata.
Public classGifFormat
Represents a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image.
Public classCode exampleGpsInfo
Represents GPS metadata in an EXIF metadata package.
Public classGpsLocation
Represents GPS location.
Public classImageFormat
Represents base abstraction for image files.
Public classImageResourceBlock

Represents Photoshop Image Resource block.
Image resource blocks are the basic building unit of several file formats, including Photoshop's native file format, JPEG, and TIFF. Image resources are used to store non-pixel data associated with images, such as pen tool paths.

Public classImageResourceMetadata

Image resource blocks are the basic building unit of several file formats, including Photoshop's native file format, JPEG, and TIFF.
Image resources are used to store non-pixel data associated with images, such as pen tool paths.

Public classIptcApplicationRecord
Represents the Application Record dataset.
Public classIptcCollection Obsolete.
Represents IPTC collection.
Public classIptcDataSet
Represents an IPTC dataset.
Public classIptcDataSetCollection
Represents a collection of IPTC datasets.
Public classIptcEnvelopeRecord
Represents an Envelope Record dataset.
Public classIptcMetadata Obsolete.
Represents IPTC metadata.
Public classIptcProperty
Represents an IPTC metadata property.
Public classCode exampleJp2Format
Represents a JPEG2000 image.
Public classJpegFormat
Represents a JPEG image.
Public classMakerNotesBase
Represents base abstraction of makernotes.
Public classNikonMakerNotes
Represents NIKON makernotes.
Public classPanasonicMakerNotes
Represents Panasonic maker-notes.
Public classPngFormat
Represents a PNG image.
Public classCode examplePsdFormat
Represents an Adobe Photoshop drawing.
Public classPsdLayer
Represents layer in PsdFormat.
Public classCode examplePsdMetadata
Represents native Photoshop metadata in PsdFormat.
Public classRational
Represents rational number.
Public classSonyMakerNotes
Represents SONY makernotes.
Public classSRational
Represents signed rational number.
Public classTiffArrayTagT
Represents an array-based TIFF tag.
Public classTiffAsciiTag
Represents a TIFF ASCII tag.
Public classTiffByteTag
Represents a Byte tag.
Public classTiffDoubleTag
Represents a TIFF Double tag.
Public classTiffFloatTag
Represents a TIFF Float tag.
Public classTiffFormat
Represents a TIFF image.
Public classTiffIfd
Represents TIFF image file directory.
Public classTiffLongTag
Represents a TIFF Long tag.
Public classTiffRationalTag
Represents a TIFF Rational tag.
Public classTiffSByteTag
Represents a TIFF SByte tag.
Public classTiffShortTag
Represents a TIFF Short tag.
Public classTiffSLongTag
Represents a TIFF SLong tag.
Public classTiffSRationalTag
Represents a TIFF SRational tag.
Public classTiffSShortTag
Represents a TIFF SShort tag.
Public classTiffTag
Represents a TIFF tag.
Public classTiffUndefinedTag
Represents a TIFF tag with the Undefined type.
Public classWebPFormat
Represents a WebP image.
Public classWmfFormat
Represents a WMF image format. Please see for more information.
Public enumerationApplicationRecordKeywords
Represents IPTC ApplicationRecord.
Public enumerationEnvelopeRecordKeywords
Represents IPTC Envelope record.
Public enumerationExifGPSAltitudeRef
Represents GPS altitude.
Public enumerationImageResourceIds
Image resources standard ID numbers. Not all file formats use all ID's. Some information may be stored in other sections of the file.
Public enumerationIptcDataSetType
Represents IPTC DataSet type.
Public enumerationIptcPropertyType Obsolete.
Represents IPTC property types.
Public enumerationTiffTagIdEnum
Represents ids of TIFF tags.
Public enumerationTiffTagType
Represents IFD data type. For more details see TIFF specification (version 6.0).