GroupDocs.Metadata.Tools Namespace
The GroupDocs.Metadata.Tools namespace contains utility classes intended to extract, update and compare metadata in a simplified way.
Public classComparisonFacade
Represents utility to work with metadata comparison.
Public classExportBuilder
Represents ExportBuilder class. Allows to export metadata of specific file to csv/xlsx.
Public classExportFacade
Represents Export facade.
Public classFileFormatChecker
Defines operations intended to verify the file signature for different formats.
Public classCode exampleFormatFactory
Provides base operations to recognize files of different formats.
Public classMetadataUtility
Represents different utilities classes for working with metadata.
Public classSearchFacade
Find and Replace API implementation.
Public interfaceIExportBuilder
Represents IExportBuilder interface.
Public interfaceIInspectionOptions
Represents base interface for inspection options.
Public interfaceIInspectorResult
Represents base interface of inspection results.
Public interfaceIReplaceHandlerT
Represents base abstraction for Replace API.
Public enumerationComparerSearchType
Indicates how to compare documents.
Public enumerationExportFormat
Export format.
Public enumerationSearchCondition
Represents search condition.