GroupDocs.Metadata.Xmp.Schemes Namespace
The GroupDocs.Metadata.Xmp.Schemes namespace contains classes implementing particular XMP metadata schemes.
Public classAudioChannelType
Represents audio channel type.
Public classAudioSampleType
Represents Audio sample type in XmpDynamicMediaPackage.
Public classBasicJobTicketPackage
Represents Basic Job-Ticket namespace.
Public classCameraRawPackage
Represents Camera Raw schema.
Public classDublinCorePackage
Represents Dublin Core schema.
Public classIptcCorePackage
Represents IPTC Core namespace.
Public classIptcExtensionPackage
Represents IPTC Extension namespace.
Public classIptcIIMPackage
Represents IPTC-IIM namespace.
Public classPagedTextPackage
Represents XMP Paged-Text namespace.
Public classPdfPackage
Represents Adobe PDF namespace.
Public classPhotoshopPackage
Represents Adobe Photoshop namespace.
Public classTime
Representation of a time value in seconds.
Public classTimecode
Represents timecode value in video.
Public classTimeFormat
Represents time format in Timecode.
Public classWhiteBalance
Represents White Balance setting in CameraRawPackage.
Public classXmpBasicPackage
Represents XMP basic namespace.
Public classXmpDynamicMediaPackage
Represents XMP Dynamic Media namespace.
Public classXmpMediaManagementPackage
Represents XMP Media Management namespace.
Public classXmpRightsManagementPackage
Represents XMP Rights Management namespace.
Public enumerationCropUnits
Units for CropWidth and CropHeight in CameraRawPackage.
Public enumerationPhotoshopColorMode
Represents color mode in PhotoshopPackage.
Public enumerationProjectType
Represents project type in XmpDynamicMediaPackage.