GroupDocs.Metadata.Xmp Namespace
The GroupDocs.Metadata.Xmp namespace provides functionality for XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) metadata reading and writing.
Public classClosedChoiceT
Represents XMP Closed Choice.
Public classColorantBase
Represents XMP Colorant type.
Public classColorantCMYK
Represents CMYK Colorant.
Public classColorantLAB
Represents LAB Colorant.
Public classColorantRGB
Represents RGB Colorant.
Public classDimensions
Containing dimensions for a drawn object.
Public classFont
Represents XMP Font.
Public classJob
Represents Job.
Public classLangAlt

Represents XMP Language Alternative.

An alternative array of simple text items. Language alternatives facilitate the selection of a simple text item based on a desired language. Each array item shall have an xml:lang qualifier. Each xml:lang value shall be unique among the items.
Public classNamespaces
Contains namespaces used in XmpPackage and XmpComplexType.
Public classRenditionClass
Represents XMP RenditionClass.
Public classResourceEvent
Represents high-level event that occurred in the processing of a resource.
Public classResourceRef

Represents multiple part reference to a resource.
Used to indicate prior versions, originals of renditions, originals for derived documents, and so on.

Public classStringChoice
Represents closed choice of strings.
Public classThumbnail
Represents thumbnail image for a file.
Public classVersion
Represents one version of a document.
Public classXmpAgentName
Represents Agent name, Software organization etc.
Public classCode exampleXmpArray
Represents Xmp Array in XmpPackage.
Public classXmpArrayBaseT
Represents base abstraction for XMP array.
Public classXmpBoolean
Represents XMP Boolean basic type.
Public classXmpComplexType
Represents base abstraction for XMP Complex value type.
Public classXmpDate
Represents Date in XMP packet.
Public classXmpEditableCollection
Represents editable collection of XmpPackage.
Public classXmpElementBase
Represents base XMP element contains attributes.
Public classXmpGuid
Represents XMP global unique identifier.
Public classCode exampleXmpHeaderPI
Represents XMP header processing instruction.
Public classXmpInteger
Represents XMP Integer basic type.
Public classXmpLocale
Represents language code.
Public classXmpMeta
Represents xmpmeta. Optional. The purpose of this element is to identify XMP metadata within general XML text that might contain other non-XMP uses of RDF.
Public classXmpMetadata
Represents XMP metadata.
Public classXmpMetadataProperty
Represents XMP metadata property.
Public classXmpMIMEType
Represents MIME type.
Public classXmpNodeView
Represents XMP node view.
Public classCode exampleXmpPackage
Represents base abstraction for XMP package.
Public classXmpPackageBaseCollection
Represents collection of XmpPackage.
Public classXmpPacketWrapper
Contains serialized XMP package including header and trailer.
Public classXmpProperties
Represents XMP properties.
Public classXmpRational
Represents XMP XmpRational.
Public classXmpRdfRoot

Represents rdf:RDF element. A single XMP packet shall be serialized using a single rdf:RDF XML element. The rdf:RDF element content shall consist of only zero or more rdf:Description elements.

Public classXmpReal
Represents XMP Real.
Public classXmpSchemes
Provides access to known XMP schemes.
Public classXmpText
Represents XMP Text basic type.
Public classCode exampleXmpTrailerPI
Represents XMP trailer processing instruction.
Public classXmpTypeBase
Represents base abstraction for XMP type.
Public classXmpValueBase
Represents base XMP value.
Public interfaceIXmlValue
Converts XMP values to the xml/string representation.
Public interfaceIXmpType
Base interface for XMP type.
Public enumerationColorantColorMode
Represents color mode in ColorantBase.
Public enumerationColorType
Type of color in ColorantBase.
Public enumerationXmpArrayType
Represents array type in XmpArray.
Public enumerationXmpNodeViewType
Contains available types presented in XmpNodeView.