GroupDocs.Metadata Namespace
Contains base classes.
Public classDigitalSignature
Represents digital signature used in documents.
Public classDimensionInfo
Represents dimension metadata.
Public classDocumentInfo
Represents document info metadata.
Public classDocumentMetadataT
Represents a collection of metadata key/value pairs.
Public classDocumentMetadataKey
Public classDublinCoreMetadata
Represents Dublin Core metadata.
Public classExifMetadataKey
Represents EXIF metadata key.
Public classIptcMetadataKey
Represents IPTC metadata key.
Public classCode exampleLicense
Represents GroupDocs.Metadata license. License class should be applied once per AppDomain.
Public classMetadata
Represents base abstraction for metadata.
Public classMetadataContainer
Represents metadata container.
Public classMetadataKey
Represents metadata key which is enumeration of well-known metadata keys of different formats.\
Public classMetadataKeyDoc
Represents DocFormat metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyDocumentInfo
Represents document info keys.
Public classMetadataKeyEXIF
Represents EXIF metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyId3v1
ID3 v1 keys.
Public classMetadataKeyId3v2
Represents ID3 v2 keys.
Public classMetadataKeyIPTC
Represents IPTC metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyIPTCApplicationRecord
Represents Application Record keys.
Public classMetadataKeyIPTCEnvelopeRecord
Represents Envelope Record keys.
Public classMetadataKeyPDF
Represents PdfFormat metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyPpt
Represents PptFormat metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyXls
Represents XlsFormat metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyXMP
Represents XMP metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyXMPBaseSchema
Contain Xmp Basic metadata keys.
Public classMetadataKeyXMPDublinCore
Contain DublinCore metadata keys.
Public classMetadataProperty
Represents metadata property.
Public classMetadataPropertyCollection
Represents read-only collection of MetadataProperty.
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods to set metered key.
Public classMIMEType
Represents MIME type metadata. See
Public classPageInfo
Represents page info.
Public classCode examplePropertyValue
Public classThumbnailMetadata
Represents image thumbnail or image cover metadata (across all formats).
Public classXmpMetadataKey
Represents XMP metadata key.
Public interfaceIBarCodeDetector
Represents base method to read bar codes of next types: UPCA, UPCE, EAN13.
Public interfaceIDocumentFormat
Represents document format interface.
Public interfaceIDublinCore
Provides base operations to work with Dublin Core metadata.
Public interfaceIExif
Represents base methods for reading/writing/deleting EXIF metadata.
Public interfaceIImageResourceBlocks
Represents interface to working with Photoshop Image Resource Blocks.
Public interfaceIInspectableR, O
Represents ability to inspect and remove specific type on hidden data.
Public interfaceIIptc
Represents base operations to working with IPTC. See more:
Public interfaceIMetadataProperty
Represents base interface for metadata property.
Public interfaceIProtectableFormat
Allows to detect if specific document is protected by user password. The metadata of password-protected document cannot be retrieved.
Public interfaceISignedFormat
Represents base operations to work with digital signature.
Public interfaceIXmp
Represents base operations to work with XMP package.
Public enumerationByteOrder
Represents byte order.
Public enumerationDocumentType
Represents document type supported in GroupDocs.Metadata.
Public enumerationFileType
Represents file type.
Public enumerationMetadataPropertyType
Represents metadata property type inside MetadataProperty.
Public enumerationMetadataType
Metadata type.