MetadataType Enumeration
Metadata type.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Metadata
Assembly: GroupDocs.Metadata (in GroupDocs.Metadata.dll) Version: 19.5
public enum MetadataType
  Member nameValueDescription
XMP1 Represents Extensible Metadata Platform.
EXIF2 Represents Exchangeable Image Format.
IPTC3 Represents IPTC-IIM.
Psd4 Represents Photoshop metadata.
ImageResourceBlocks5 Represents Photoshop Image Resource Blocks.
PDF6 Represents PDF metadata.
Doc7 Represents Word metadata.
Xls8 Represents Excel metadata.
Ppt9 Represents Power Point metadata.
OneNote10 Represents OneNote metadata.
Visio11 Represents Visio metadata.
Document12 Represents Document formats: Doc, PDF, Xls, Ppt, OneNote and Visio.
Eml13 Represents Email Message format metadata.
Msg14 Represents Outlook Message metadata.
Cad15 Represents Computer-aided design (CAD) metadata.
Mpp16 Represents Microsoft Project metadata.
Id3v117 Represents ID3v1 audio tag. See more:
Id3v218 Represents ID3v2 audio tag. See more:
Lyrics319 Represents Lyrics3 v2.00 audio tag. See more:
MpegAudio20 Represents MPEG audio info.
WaveAudio21 The WAV metadata. See more:
APEv222 Represents APEv2 tag. See more:
AVI23 Represents metadata of Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) format. See more
QuickTime24 Represents QuickTime metadata.
Flv36 Represents FLV video format metadata.
Matroska37 Represents Matroska Media Container format metadata.
Asf38 Represents Asf Media Container format metadata.
Zip25 Represents ZIP metadata.
BarCode26 Represents barcodes metadata: UPCA, UPCE, EAN13.
Dimension27 Represents dimension metadata.
MIMEType28 Represents MIME type metadata.
DigitalSignature29 Represents digital signature metadata.
DocumentInfo30 Represents document info metadata. See more DocumentInfo.
DICOM31 Represents Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine standard. See more
Epub32 Represents EPUB metadata.
DublinCore33 Represents Dublin Core metadata. See more:
OpenType36 Represents OpenType font format metadata. See more:
Thumbnail34 Represents image thumbnail or image cover metadata (across all formats).
Torrent35 Represents Torrent file metadata. See more:
VCard40 Represents Virtual Contact File (vCard, VCF) file metadata. See more:
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