GroupDocs.Parser.Containers Namespace
The namespace provides the classes for working with containers.
Public classContainer
Provides the base class for containers.
Public classContainerEntity
Provides the information of the container's entity.
Public classCode exampleContainerEnumerator
Provides an enumerator for the containers.
Public classContainerPath
Provides the information about the directory in the container.
Public classDbContainer
Provides a container for database.
Public classDbTableReader
Provides a reader for the database table.
Public classCode exampleEmailConnectionInfo
Provides the information for connection with email server.
Public classCode exampleEmailContainer
Provides a container for email servers.
Public classFolderContainer
Provides a container for the directory.
Public classCode examplePersonalStorageContainer
Provides a container for Outlook's Personal Storage.
Public classCode exampleZipContainer
Provides a container for zip archives.
Public interfaceIContainer
Provides the functionality to work with containers.
Public enumerationEmailConnectionType
Describes the email connection type.