GroupDocs.Redaction.Integration Namespace
The GroupDocs.Redaction.Integration namespace contains interfaces and classes, used to integrate documents of different formats with GroupDocs.Redactions
Public classDocumentFormatInstance
Represents any specific format of the document. Implement this class to add your own document types
Public classMetadataCollection
Dictinary of MetadataItem with item title as key
Public classMetadataItem
Represents an item of metadata, common for all supported formats and used in metadata redactions
Public interfaceIAnnotatedDocument
Provides access to annotations, such as comments. Needs to be implemented by DocumentFormatInstance-derived class to perform annotation redactions
Public interfaceICellularFormatInstance
Provides access to tabular formats, having one or many worksheets
Public interfaceIImageFormatInstance
Represents an instance of image format
Public interfaceIMetadataAccess
Provides access to metadata of the document, if format supports it
Public interfaceIRasterizableDocument
Once implemented, allows saving document in any binary form. Built-in types save as a PDF with images of original document's pages
Public interfaceITextualFormatInstance
Basic interface to redact textual data in any document, containing text