GroupDocs.Redaction.Redactions Namespace
The GroupDocs.Redaction.Redactions namespace contains classes for different types of redactions
Public classAnnotationRedaction
Replaces annotation texts (comments etc), matching given regular expression
Public classCellColumnRedaction
Redacts text in tabular document with at least one worksheet and table (e.g. CSV, Excel etc)
Public classCellFilter
Filter defines column and worksheet filter
Public classDeleteAnnotationRedaction
Deletes annotations, if text is matching given regular expression. Optionally deletes all annotations
Public classEraseMetadataRedaction
Erases metadata in the document, all or matching specific MetadataFilter
Public classExactPhraseRedaction
Replaces exact phrase in document's text
Public classImageAreaRedaction
Redacts given area of an image document
Public classMetadataRedaction
Base abstract class for document metadata redactions
Public classMetadataSearchRedaction
Searches and redacts metadata using regular expressions on keys and values
Public classRedactionDescription
Describes in detail single change of the document during redaction
Public classRegexRedaction
Searches for regular expression matches and replaces them in document's text
Public classRegionReplacementOptions
Defines color and area parameters for image region replacement
Public classReplacementOptions
Defines way to change the matched text in process of redaction
Public classTextRedaction
Base abstract class for document text redactions
Public classTextReplacement
Textual replacement information
Public interfaceIRedactionCallback
Implement this interface and assign an instance to RedactionCallback to receive information on each redaction and prevent it
Public enumerationMetadataFilter
Flagged enumeration for most common types of document metadata
Public enumerationRedactionActionType
Action, taken to perform redaction
Public enumerationRedactionType
Type of document data, affected by redaction
Public enumerationReplacementType
Type of replacement for a matched text