GroupDocs.Redaction Namespace
The GroupDocs.Redaction namespace contains public API facade for GroupDocs.Redaction
Public classDocument
Represents document of any type (format) supporting redactions
Public classDocumentFormatException
Occurs when the document is not supprted or is invalid in specific context
Public classLicense
Create instance of License to setup license file or stream.
Public classLoadOptions
Use this class to specify options to load specific file
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods which allow to activate product with Metered license and retrieve amount of MBs processed. Learn more about Metered licenses here.
Public classRasterizationOptions
Settings for converting files into PDF
Public classRedaction
Base class for all redaction types
Public classRedactionLogEntry
Contains results of applying redaction
Public classRedactionResult
Represents result of a redaction operation
Public classRedactionSummary
Public classRedactor
Redactor determines document format and provides an instance of a redactable document
Public classSaveOptions
Sets options to change output file name or convert the document to image-based PDF
Public classTrialLimitationsException
This exception is raised when user violates trial mode limitations
Public enumerationPdfComplianceLevel
Specifies the PDF standards compliance level
Public enumerationRedactionStatus
Represents redaction completion status