GroupDocs.Search.Common Namespace
The GroupDocs.Search.Common namespace provides common classes of the library.
Public classCancellation
Represents an object for requesting cancellation of an operation.
Public classChunkSearchToken
Represents a token for the continuation of the chunk search (search by pages).
Public classCustomExtractorCollection
Contains a collection of custom extractors. If the collection contains an extractor for some file extension that is covered by build-in extractors, then this extractor will be used instead of built-in one.
Public classDocumentField
Represents a document field data.
Public classEncodings
Contains names of possible encodings.
Public classExtractedItemInfo
Represents a container item information.
Public classCode exampleFileLogger
Represents a logger that logs events and errors to a local file.
Public classCode exampleFileOutputAdapter
Represents an output adapter that collects output into a file.
Public classFragmentContainer
Represents a container for text fragments with highlighted found terms of one document field.
Public classIndexInfo
Contains basic information on an Index.
Public classCode exampleIndexingReport
Represents a detailed information on an indexing operation.
Public classOutputAdapter
Represents the base class of an output adapter that is used to collect an output in a generalized form. The currently available adapters are FileOutputAdapter, StreamOutputAdapter, and StringOutputAdapter.
Public classResultBuilderFactory
Represents the base class of a result builder factory.
Public classCode exampleSearchReport
Represents a detailed information on a search operation.
Public classCode exampleStreamOutputAdapter
Represents an output adapter that collects output into a Stream.
Public classCode exampleStringOutputAdapter
Represents an output adapter that collects output as a String.
Public classWordPattern
Represents a word pattern to use in word wildcard search.
Public interfaceIContainerItemExtractor
Provides methods for extracting items from container documents.
Public interfaceCode exampleIFieldExtractor
Provides methods for extracting fields from a document.
Public interfaceILogger
Defines interface of a logger that is used for logging events and errors in an index.
Public enumerationDocumentStatus
Represents a document processing status.
Public enumerationIndexStatus
Specifies an index status.
Public enumerationVersionUpdateResult
Represents the result of an index version update operation.