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GroupDocs.Search Namespace
Main GroupDocs Namespace.
Public classAliasDictionary
Represents a dictionary of aliases.
Public classAliasReplacementPair
Represents alias/replacement pair.
Public classAlphabet
Represents a dictionary of characters.
Public classCancellation
Represents an object for requesting cancellation of an operation.
Public classCharacterReplacementDictionary
Represents a character replacement dictionary used during the indexing process.
Public classCharacterReplacementPair
Represents character/replacement pair.
Public classChunkSearchToken
Represents a token for continuation of the chunk searching.
Public classCustomExtractorsCollection
Allow manage custom extractors collection. If collection is not empty system use custom extractors instead built in ones.
Public classDateFormat
Represents date format.
Public classDateFormatCollection
Represents a collection of DateFormat objects.
Public classDateFormatElement
Represents date format element.
Public classDetailedResultInfo
Represents detailed information about found term occurrences in document.
Public classDictionaryBase
Represents a base class for a dictionary.
Public classDictionaryCollection
Represents collection of all dictionaries in the Index.
Public classDocumentFilter
Contains methods for creating document filters.
Public classDocumentInfo
Represents descriptor for indexed document.
Public classDocumentResultInfo
Represents information about found document.
Public classDocumentTypes
Represents list of document types for faceted search.
Public classEncodings
Contains names of possible encodings.
Public classEnglishWordFormsProvider
Represents English word forms provider.
Public classEpubFieldNames
Represents list of field names for faceted search.
Public classExcelFieldNames
Represents list of field names for faceted search.
Public classExtractedItemInfo
Contains container item information.
Public classFictionBookFieldNames
Represents list of field names for faceted search.
Public classFieldInfo
Contains field information.
Public classFieldNames
Represents list of field names for faceted search.
Public classFuzzyAlgorithm
Represents the base class for fuzzy search algorithms.
Public classFuzzySearchParameters
Represents parameters related to fuzzy searching.
Public classHomophoneDictionary
Represents a dictionary of heterographic homophones.
Public classIndex
Index class is designed for storage of documents data for search through them.
Public classIndexingReport
IndexingReport provides detailed information about indexing.
Public classIndexingSettings
Provides access to information about index settings.
Public classIndexRepository
IndexRepository class is designed to combine multiple indexes and perform common operations on them.
Public classIndexVersionUpdater
Represents index version updater.
Public classKeyboardLayoutCorrectorParameters
Represents parameters related to keyboard layout corrector.
Public classCode exampleLicense
Represents GroupDocs.Search license.
Public classLogSettings
Represents the log settings.
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods to set metered key.
Public classOutlookEmailMessageResultInfo
Represents MS Outlook Email message search result.
Public classPasswordDictionary
Represents dictionary of passwords.
Public classPresentationFieldNames
Represents list of field names for faceted search.
Public classSearchDocumentFilter
Contains methods for creating search document filters.
Public classSearchingReport
SearchingReport provides detailed information about searching.
Public classSearchParameters
Represents parameters for searching.
Public classSearchQuery
Represents a search query.
Public classSearchResults
Represents search results that contain a list of files that match the search query.
Public classSimilarityLevel
Represents the similarity level.
Public classSpellingCorrector
Represents a spelling corrector for terms in query.
Public classSpellingCorrectorParameters
Represents parameters related to spelling corrector.
Public classStep
Represents a step of a step function.
Public classStopWordDictionary
Represents a dictionary of stop words.
Public classSynonymDictionary
Represents a dictionary of synonyms.
Public classTableDiscreteFunction
Represents the discrete function that is specified by a table of correspondences.
Public classTextStorageSettings
Represents text storage settings.
Public classWordFieldNames
Represents list of field names for faceted search.
Public classWordPattern
Represents a word pattern.
Public classZipArchiveResultInfo
Represents ZIP archive item search result.
Public structureSearchResultEnumerator
Represents enumerator for search results.
Public interfaceIContainerItemExtractor
Provides methods for extracting fields from container files.
Public interfaceIFieldExtractor
Provides methods for extracting fields from file.
Public interfaceISearchDocumentFilter
Represents search document filter. Use SearchDocumentFilter class for creation of a filter instances.
Public interfaceIWordFormsProvider
Defines interface of word forms provider.
Public enumerationCharacterType
Represents the type of character in relation to how a character is indexed.
Public enumerationCompression
Specifies compression level.
Public enumerationDocumentStatus
Enumeration for processed document status.
Public enumerationDocumentType
Represents enumeration for different document types.
Public enumerationIndexType
Specifies index type.
Public enumerationNumberOfThreads
Specifies the number of threads.
Public enumerationVersionUpdateResult
Represents the result of an index version update operation.