IndexUpdater Class
Represents an index updater. This class performs reindexing documents in an index of an old version.
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Namespace: GroupDocs.Search
Assembly: GroupDocs.Search (in GroupDocs.Search.dll) Version: 20.1
public class IndexUpdater

The IndexUpdater type exposes the following members.

Public methodIndexUpdater
Initializes a new instance of the IndexUpdater class.
Public methodCanUpdateVersion
Checks whether an index in the specified directory can be updated to the latest version.
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Public methodIsLatestVersion
Checks whether the specified directory contains an index of the latest version.
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Public methodUpdateVersion
Performs reindexing documents in an index of an old version. The updated index will be placed in the newIndexPath directory. The index in the indexPath directory will not be changed.
The example demonstrates a typical usage of the class.
string sourceIndexFolder = @"c:\MyOldIndex\";
string targetIndexFolder = @"c:\MyNewIndex\";

IndexUpdater updater = new IndexUpdater();

if (updater.CanUpdateVersion(sourceIndexFolder))
    VersionUpdateResult result = updater.UpdateVersion(sourceIndexFolder, targetIndexFolder);
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