SearchParameters Class
Represents parameters for searching.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Search
Assembly: GroupDocs.Search (in GroupDocs.Search.dll) Version: 19.5.1
public class SearchParameters

The SearchParameters type exposes the following members.

Public methodSearchParameters
Initializes a new instance of the SearchParameters class.
Public propertyDateFormats
Gets or sets date formats for date range search.
Public propertyFuzzySearch
Gets or sets Fuzzy search parameters.
Public propertyIsChunkSearch
Gets or sets flag of searching by chunks.
Public propertyKeyboardLayoutCorrector
Gets or sets Keyboard Layout Corrector parameters.
Public propertyMaxHitCountPerTerm
Gets or sets maximal count of occurrences of each term in query.
Public propertyMaxTotalHitCount
Gets or sets maximal count of total occurrences of all terms in query.
Public propertySearchDocumentFilter
Gets or sets a search document filter. Use SearchDocumentFilter class for creation of a filter instances.
Public propertySpellingCorrector
Gets or sets Spelling Corrector parameters.
Public propertyUseCaseSensitiveSearch
Gets or sets flag of case sensitive search.
Public propertyUseHomophoneSearch
Gets or sets flag of use homophones in search.
Public propertyUseSynonymSearch
Gets or sets flag of use synonyms in search.
Public propertyUseWordFormsSearch
Gets or sets flag of use word forms in search.
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