PdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature Class
Contains check-box input form field signature properties.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Signature.Domain.FormField
Assembly: GroupDocs.Signature (in GroupDocs.Signature.dll) Version: (19.5)
public sealed class PdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature : FormFieldSignature

The PdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature type exposes the following members.

Public methodPdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature(String)
Creates PdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature with predefined name.
Public methodPdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature(String, Boolean)
Creates PdfCheckboxFormFieldSignature with predefined name and value
Public propertyChecked
Get or set checked value of form field check-box input.
Public propertyName
Specifies unique form field name.
(Inherited from FormFieldSignature.)
Public propertyType
Specifies Form field type.
(Inherited from FormFieldSignature.)
Public propertyValue
Specifies Form-Field data object.
(Inherited from FormFieldSignature.)
Public methodClone
Clone FormField Signature instance.
(Overrides FormFieldSignatureClone.)
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