CellsSearchMetadataOptions Properties

The CellsSearchMetadataOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDocumentPageNumber
Gets or sets Document page number for searching. Value is optional.
(Inherited from SearchOptions.)
Public propertyIncludeBuiltinProperties
Indicates if Built-in document properties like Document statistic, information etc should be included into Search result
Public propertyName
Specifies Metadata Signature name if it should be searched and matched.
(Inherited from SearchMetadataOptions.)
Public propertyNameMatchType
Get or set Metadata name Match Type search. It is used only when Name property is set.
(Inherited from SearchMetadataOptions.)
Public propertyPagesSetup
Options to specify pages for Signature searching.
(Inherited from SearchOptions.)
Public propertySearchAllPages
Flag to search on each Document page.
(Inherited from SearchOptions.)
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