VerifyDigitalOptions Properties

The VerifyDigitalOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCertificate
Get X509Certificate2 Certificate from Certificate Guid or Stream.
Public propertyCertificateGuid
File Guid of Digital Certificate.
Public propertyCertificateStream
Stream of Digital Certificate.
Public propertyDocumentPageNumber Obsolete.
Document Page Number to be verified.
(Overrides VerifyOptionsDocumentPageNumber.)
Public propertyExtensions
Additional extensions for alternative signature options verification.
(Inherited from VerifyOptions.)
Public propertyIsValid
Valid property flag.
(Inherited from VerifyOptions.)
Public propertyPagesSetup Obsolete.
Page Options to specify pages to be verified.
(Overrides VerifyOptionsPagesSetup.)
Public propertyPassword
Password of Digital Certificate if required.
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