ViewerConfig Class
Provides methods to configure Viewer handler.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Viewer.Config
Assembly: GroupDocs.Viewer (in GroupDocs.Viewer.dll) Version: 19.6
public class ViewerConfig

The ViewerConfig type exposes the following members.

Public methodViewerConfig
Initializes a new instance of the ViewerConfig class.
Public propertyCode exampleCacheFolderName
The name of the folder inside the storage path that will be used for storing cache files.
Public propertyCode exampleCachePath
The path to the directory, where the cache will be stored.
Public propertyCode exampleEnableCaching
Indicates whether to cache rendering results or not.
Public propertyFontDirectories
The custom font directories paths
Public propertyCode exampleForcePasswordValidation
Indicates whether to force password validation for protected documents. By default is false.
Public propertyCode examplePageNamePrefix
The prefix for generated page name. Default is "page".
Public propertyCode exampleStoragePath
The path to the documents storage directory.
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