GroupDocs.Viewer.Converter.Options Namespace
The GroupDocs.Viewer.Converter.Options namespace provides classes that allow to specify additional options when rendering documents.
Public classCadOptions
The CAD documents rendering options.
Public classCellsOptions
The Spreadsheet documents rendering options.
Public classEmailField
List of supporter fields
Public classEmailOptions
The Email documents rendering options.
Public classHtmlOptions
Provides options for rendering document into HTML format.
Public classImageOptions
Provides options for rendering document into Image format.
Public classOutlookOptions
The Outlook data file documents rendering options (OST/PST formats).
Public classPdfOptions
The PDF documents rendering options.
Public classProjectOptions
The Microsoft Project documents rendering options.
Public classRenderOptions
The base rendering options.
Public classSlidesOptions
The Presentation documents rendering options.
Public classTile
The tile represents the region on the CAD drawing, that should be rendered.
Public classWordsOptions
The Text documents rendering options.
Public enumerationConvertImageFileType
Convert file type
Public enumerationImageQuality
The image quality.
Public enumerationPageSize
The size of the page.
Public enumerationTextOverflowMode
Text overflow mode for rendering Cells documents to HTML
Public enumerationTimeUnit
The time unit