CellsOptionsInternalHyperlinkPrefix Property
Prefix for hyperlink that references worksheet inside the same document.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Viewer.Converter.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Viewer (in GroupDocs.Viewer.dll) Version: 19.6
public string InternalHyperlinkPrefix { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: String
Excel workbook may contain hyperlink to specific location in the same workbook. Internal hyperlink prefix is useful for applications where workbook sheets are rendered separately one by one. In this case internal hyperlink may contain some REST API method address with referenced sheet name. Value may contain page number placeholder which will be substituted with referenced sheet number.
The following example demonstrates how to set prefix for internal hyperlinks.
ViewerHtmlHandler htmlHandler = new ViewerHtmlHandler();
HtmlOptions options = new HtmlOptions();
options.CellsOptions.InternalHyperlinkPrefix = "http://contoso.com/api/getPage?number={page-number}";

string guid = "document.xlsx";
List<PageHtml> pages = htmlHandler.GetPages(guid, options);
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