RenderOptionsTransformations Property
Indicates what transformations that are applied to the document should be rendered.

Namespace: GroupDocs.Viewer.Converter.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Viewer (in GroupDocs.Viewer.dll) Version: 19.5
public Transformation Transformations { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Transformation
By default transformations are set to Transformation.None. Therefore transformations, that are applied to the document will not be rendered if not set explicitly.
The following example demonstrates how to render rotate and reorder transformations.
ViewerConfig config = new ViewerConfig();
ViewerHtmlHandler htmlHandler = new ViewerHtmlHandler(config);
string guid = @"C:\storage\document.doc";

htmlHandler.RotatePage(new RotatePageOptions(guid, 2, 180));
htmlHandler.ReorderPage(new ReorderPageOptions(guid, 1, 3));

HtmlOptions options = new HtmlOptions();
options.Transformations = Transformation.Rotate | Transformation.Reorder;

List<PageHtml> pages = htmlHandler.GetPages(guid, options);
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