DocumentInfoOptions Class
Provides options for obtaining the document properties.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Viewer.Domain.Options
Assembly: GroupDocs.Viewer (in GroupDocs.Viewer.dll) Version: 19.6
public class DocumentInfoOptions

The DocumentInfoOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodDocumentInfoOptions
Initializes a new instance of the DocumentInfoOptions class.
Public methodDocumentInfoOptions(String)
Initializes a new instance of the DocumentInfoOptions class.
Public propertyArchiveOptions
Gets or sets the Archive document rendering options.
Public propertyCadOptions
The CAD documents rendering options.
Public propertyCellsOptions
The Spreadsheet documents rendering options.
Public propertyDefaultFontName
The name of the default font.
Public propertyEmailOptions
The Email documents rendering options.
Public propertyExtractText
Indicates whether the document text with coordinates should be extracted into the file data when rendering as an image.
Public propertyOutlookOptions
Gets or sets the Outlook Data File document rendering options.
Public propertyPassword
The password.
Public propertyPdfOptions
The PDF documents rendering options.
Public propertyProjectOptions
Gets or sets the Project document rendering options.
Public propertyRenderComments
Indicates whether comments should be rendered. Default value is false
Public propertyCode exampleShowHiddenPages
Indicates whether hidden pages, sheets or slides should be rendered. The default value is false.
Public propertySlidesOptions
The Presentation documents rendering options.
Public propertyWordsOptions
The Text documents rendering options.
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