GroupDocs.Watermark.Pdf Namespace
Contains classes for working with watermarks in pdf documents.
Public classNamespaceDoc
Public classPdfAnnotation
Represents an annotation in a pdf document.
Public classPdfAnnotationCollection
Represents a collection of annotations in a pdf document.
Public classPdfAnnotationPossibleWatermark
Represents possible annotation watermark in a pdf document.
Public classPdfArtifact
Represents an artifact in a pdf document.
Public classPdfArtifactCollection
Represents a collection of artifacts in a pdf document.
Public classPdfArtifactPossibleWatermark
Represents possible artifact watermark in a pdf document.
Public classPdfAttachedImagePossibleWatermark
Represents possible image watermark in pdf document attachment.
Public classPdfAttachment
Represents a file attached to a pdf document.
Public classPdfAttachmentCollection
Represents a collection of attachments in a pdf document.
Public classCode examplePdfDocument
Represents a pdf document where a watermark can be placed.
Public classPdfFormattedTextFragment
Represents a fragment of formatted text in a pdf document.
Public classPdfFormattedTextFragmentCollection
Represents a collection of formatted text fragments in a pdf document.
Public classPdfHyperlinkPossibleWatermark
Represents possible hyperlink watermark in a pdf document.
Public classPdfPage
Represents pdf document page.
Public classPdfPageCollection
Represents a collection of pages in a pdf document.
Public classPdfTextPossibleWatermark
Represents possible watermark in a pdf document text.
Public classPdfWatermarkableImage
Represents an image inside a Pdf document.
Public classPdfXObject
Represents an XObject in a pdf document.
Public classPdfXObjectCollection
Represents a collection of XObjects in a pdf document.
Public classPdfXObjectPossibleWatermark
Represents possible XObject watermark in a pdf document.
Public enumerationPdfAnnotationType
Enumeration of annotation types.
Public enumerationPdfArtifactSubtype
Enumeration of possible artifacts subtype.
Public enumerationPdfArtifactType
Enumeration of possible artifact types.
Public enumerationPdfCryptoAlgorithm
Represent type of cryptographic algorithm that used in encryption routine.
Public enumerationPdfImageConversionFormat
Represents image formats that can be used for pdf document pages rasterization.
Public enumerationPdfPageMarginType
Represents pdf crop margins to be used during watermark adding.
Public enumerationPdfPermissions
Represents user's permissions for a pdf document.