Class PageBarcodeArea

  • public class PageBarcodeArea
    extends PageArea
    Represents a page barcode area which is used to represent a barcode value in the parsing by template functionality.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PageBarcodeArea

        public PageBarcodeArea(String value,
                       String codeTypeName,
                       Page page,
                       Rectangle rectangle)
        Initializes a new instance of the PageBarcodeArea class.
        value - The value of the barcode.
        codeTypeName - The type name of the barcode.
        page - The page that contains the barcode area.
        rectangle - The rectangular area that contains the barcode area.
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        public String getValue()
        Gets the barcode value.
        A string value that represents a value of the barcode page area.
      • getCodeTypeName

        public String getCodeTypeName()
        Gets the name of the barcode type.
        A string value than represents a type name of the barcode.