Class TextOptions

  • public class TextOptions
    extends Object
    Provides the options which are used for text extraction.

    An instance of TextOptions class is used as parameter in Parser.getText(TextOptions) and Parser.getText(int, TextOptions) methods. See the usage examples there.

    It's used to specify the raw mode of text extraction. A text in this mode is extracted in a non-accurate way but faster than in the standard mode. If the raw mode doesn't support the document format, then this parameter is ignored and the standard mode is used.

    • Constructor Detail

      • TextOptions

        public TextOptions(boolean useRawModeIfPossible)
        Initializes a new instance of the TextOptions class.
        useRawModeIfPossible - The value that indicates whether the raw mode is used.
    • Method Detail

      • isUseRawModeIfPossible

        public boolean isUseRawModeIfPossible()
        Gets the value that indicates whether the raw mode is used.
        true if the raw mode is used; otherwise, false.