MetadataRedaction Class
Represents a base abstract class for document metadata redactions.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Redaction.Redactions
Assembly: GroupDocs.Redaction (in GroupDocs.Redaction.dll) Version: 21.9
public abstract class MetadataRedaction : Redaction

The MetadataRedaction type exposes the following members.

Protected methodMetadataRedaction
Initializes a new instance of MetadataRedaction class. This constructor requires MetadataFilters as a parameter.
Public propertyDescription
Returns a string, describing the redaction and its parameters.
(Inherited from Redaction.)
Public propertyFilter
Gets or sets the filter, which is used to select all or specific metadata, e.g. Author or Company.
Protected methodApplyFilter
Applies the current Filter value to a given metadata dictionary.
Public methodApplyTo(DocumentFormatInstance)
Applies the redaction to a given format instance.
(Overrides RedactionApplyTo(DocumentFormatInstance).)
Protected methodApplyTo(MetadataItem, IMetadataAccess)
Applies the redaction to a given metadata item.
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Protected methodIsApplicableTo
Checks if this redaction could be applied to a given metadata item.
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