Class OperationFinishedEventArgs

  • public class OperationFinishedEventArgs
    extends BaseIndexEventArgs

    Represents arguments for the event of the indexing operation is finished.

    • Constructor Detail

      • OperationFinishedEventArgs

        protected OperationFinishedEventArgs(int operationType,
                                  String indexFolder,
                                  int status,
                                  String message)

        Initializes a new instance of the OperationFinishedEventArgs class.

        operationType - The operation type.
        indexId - The index ID.
        indexFolder - The index folder.
        status - The status.
        message - The message.
    • Method Detail

      • getMessage

        public final String getMessage()

        Gets the message.

        The message.
      • getOperationType

        public final int getOperationType()

        Gets the operation type.

        The operation type.