Class SpreadsheetOptions

  • public class SpreadsheetOptions
    extends Object

    Provides options for rendering spreadsheets.

    • Field Detail

      • CountRowsPerPageDefault

        public static final int CountRowsPerPageDefault
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    • Method Detail

      • forSplitSheetIntoPages

        public static SpreadsheetOptions forSplitSheetIntoPages(int countRowsPerPage)

        Initializes new instance of SpreadsheetOptions for rendering sheet into pages.

        countRowsPerPage - Rows count to include into each page.
        New instance of SpreadsheetOptions for rendering sheet into pages.
      • getCountRowsPerPage

        public final int getCountRowsPerPage()

        The rows count to include into each page when splitting worksheet into pages.

      • getTextOverflowMode

        public final int getTextOverflowMode()

        The text overflow mode for rendering spreadsheet documents into HTML.

      • isOnePagePerSheet

        public final boolean isOnePagePerSheet()

        Indicates that one sheet is rendered into one page.

      • isRenderGridLines

        public final boolean isRenderGridLines()

        Enables grid lines rendering.

      • isRenderHiddenColumns

        public final boolean isRenderHiddenColumns()

        Enables hidden columns rendering.

      • isRenderHiddenRows

        public final boolean isRenderHiddenRows()

        Enables hidden rows rendering.

      • isRenderPrintAreaOnly

        public final boolean isRenderPrintAreaOnly()

        Indicates that only print areas are rendered.

      • isSkipEmptyColumns

        public final boolean isSkipEmptyColumns()

        Disables empty columns rendering.

      • isSkipEmptyRows

        public final boolean isSkipEmptyRows()

        Disables empty rows rendering.

      • isSplitIntoPages

        public boolean isSplitIntoPages()
      • setRenderGridLines

        public final void setRenderGridLines(boolean value)

        Enables grid lines rendering.

      • setRenderHiddenColumns

        public final void setRenderHiddenColumns(boolean value)

        Enables hidden columns rendering.

      • setRenderHiddenRows

        public final void setRenderHiddenRows(boolean value)

        Enables hidden rows rendering.

      • setSkipEmptyColumns

        public final void setSkipEmptyColumns(boolean value)

        Disables empty columns rendering.

      • setSkipEmptyRows

        public final void setSkipEmptyRows(boolean value)

        Disables empty rows rendering.

      • setTextOverflowMode

        public final void setTextOverflowMode(int value)

        The text overflow mode for rendering spreadsheet documents into HTML.