DigitalSignature Class
Contains Digital signature properties.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: GroupDocs.Signature.Domain
Assembly: GroupDocs.Signature (in GroupDocs.Signature.dll) Version: (19.12.1)
public class DigitalSignature : BaseSignature

The DigitalSignature type exposes the following members.

Public methodDigitalSignature
Initialize Digital signature with default parameters.
Public methodDigitalSignature(X509Certificate2)
Create Digital signature with specified certificate.
Public methodDigitalSignature(X509Store)
Create Digital signature based on specified X509 store and index of certificate.
Public methodDigitalSignature(X509Store, Int32)
Create Digital signature based on specified X509 Store and index of certificate.
Public propertyCertificate
Gets or sets the X509 certificate.
Public propertyCertificateStoreLocation
Specifies the store location of the certificate
Public propertyCertificateStoreName
Specifies the store name of the certificate.
Public propertyComments
Gets or sets the signing purpose comment.
Public propertyHeight
Specifies height of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyIsSignature
Get or set flag to indicate if this component is Signature or document content. This property is being used with Update method to set element as signature (true) or document element (false).
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyIsValid
Keeps true if this digital signature is valid and the document has not been tampered with.
Public propertyLeft
Specifies left position of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyPageNumber
Specifies the page signature was found on.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertySignatureId
Unique signature identifier to modify signature in the document over Update or Delete methods. This property will be set automatically after Sign or Search method being called. If this property was saved before it can be set manually to manipulate the signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertySignatureType
Specifies the type of signature. Digital signature will have this property.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertySignTime
Gets or sets the time the document was signed.
Public propertyTop
Specifies top position of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
Public propertyWidth
Specifies width of signature.
(Inherited from BaseSignature.)
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